Backyard bouquets: Add herbs to your cut flowers


For me, herbs are one of the most rewarding things to grow. You plant them and can start using them almost immediately. This is good news for impatient me. Plus, they grow pretty quickly and often produce more than you can manage to eat.

So besides using them in salads, smoothies, lemonades (more on this soon), and seasonal dishes of all sorts, I’m happy to report they make lovely and long-lasting additions to cut flowers.

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Pretty perfect summer supper: Scallop and fresh tomato penne with lemon basil oil

fresh tomato and scallop pasta with lemon basil oil
While I definitely enjoy cooking for others, it can be pretty liberating to cook just for me for a change. And tonight I took full advantage of it. C had a work dinner, so I decided to cook scallops. I heart scallops (and shrimp, oysters, clams, mussels… you get the idea), but C– not so much.

Besides wanting to use a seafood item that rarely makes it to our weekly menu, I wanted something summery and to use some fresh-picked zucchini and herbs from our garden. It also wouldn’t hurt if it would go with the bottle of white wine I had in the fridge.

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