Backyard bouquets: Add herbs to your cut flowers


For me, herbs are one of the most rewarding things to grow. You plant them and can start using them almost immediately. This is good news for impatient me. Plus, they grow pretty quickly and often produce more than you can manage to eat.

So besides using them in salads, smoothies, lemonades (more on this soon), and seasonal dishes of all sorts, I’m happy to report they make lovely and long-lasting additions to cut flowers.

After two years of filling our backyard with flowering plants, I finally have plenty for cutting. Inspired by my overflowing oregano and mint beds when I was filling my mason jars with cut flowers, I decided to toss in some herbs. I fell in love with the intense greenness and delicate, airy shapes they brought to the party.
Some herbs to try with flowers:
Purple basil
Agastache (also known as hyssop)


8 thoughts on “Backyard bouquets: Add herbs to your cut flowers

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