Four trends for fall

Yes, summer is in full force. AC on today. Groundhog says 8 more weeks of hot and sunshiny summer here in Portland (definitely not complaining). But that doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about fall. As soon as the calendar turns to August, I want to start gathering up boots and sweaters and number 2 pencils and wooly scarves. I blame the public school system… and Vogue magazine.

There are a few trends that have caught my eye and feel just right for this fall. When it finally cools off, catch me…

In tomboy-inspired clothes and accessories like this work shirt, this handmade bag and with these pocket squares tucked into my button downs and blazers.

Adding pops of bright blue and jewel-tone greens, like this silk button down and these “willow bough” suede pumps. And mixing bright pinks with brick and burgundy reds, and deep golds.

Layering on accessories with a little rocker/biker edge, like this scarf, this bag and clutch, this ring and bracelet, and these black diamond earrings and studded leather high tops.

Cozying up in woodsy style in this vest or this one. Accessorizing with this, this or this outdoorsy necklace. Keeping warm and dry in these lace-up boots. And wearing forest green skinnies with everything.

It seems I’ve been doing quite a bit of fall daydreaming, and it’s early yet! See more of my fall picks on Pinterest.

2 thoughts on “Four trends for fall

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