Friday finds: Summer edition

EAT: Try this grilled baby red potato and cucumber salad with easy homemade creamy italian dressing for a delicious new twist on a summer classic. It pairs perfectly with any grilled meat or seafood and it’s a great way to use all those cucumbers from the garden or farmer’s market! This is in heavy rotation at my house.
DRINK: Coconut water limeade (or lemonade) with mint is so tasty and hydrating– it’s my go to when I come in from the sun. I shake some up in a mason jar. To make: add dehydrated coconut water to homemade or store-bought limeade or lemonade. Or squeeze lemons and/or limes into your favorite coconut water and sweeten to taste with plain liquid stevia or simple syrup. Add finely chopped mint and plenty of ice. Bonus: spike it with a good quality tequila blanco for a refreshing cocktail. This was a big hit at my last barbecue!

BODY: By August, my curls are a little parched from all the fun in the sun. Applying 3-4 drops of this inexpensive, organic, 100% argan oil to my hair after I shower and after coming in from the sun is super reviving. It’s lightweight and not greasy, adds volume and shine, minimizes frizz, and smells lovely. It’s also great for face. I smooth it on under sunscreen for dewy moisture. I love how it feeds and soothes my skin and hair.

BEAUTY: This shiny, semi-sheer, but still colorful lip tint from Tarte has become a favorite. I love the easy to apply chunky pencil, the tingle from the peppermint oil and how super-moisturizing it is. The poppy red “spirited” and cherry red “lust” look great on their own and even better mixed together. Plus, they’re formulated without a lot of yucky stuff. Especially important on your lips!

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