Show your table some love


A few years back, I was invited to a cocktail brunch by a woman from work. I was still in my twenties and still living in an apartment. In contrast, her bungalow was all kinds of casual elegance, with perfectly chosen pieces that seemed both well-loved and well-used.

One idea I took from her warm, stylish and grown-up home is to use cloth napkins at every meal. She had a big stack of soft napkins in different colors and patterns set out for the party. I’ve been building my own collection ever since. C and I use them daily and when we entertain.

I love these Fog Linen napkins by Japanese designer Yumiko Sekine. I’ve been busy picking out a handful of her beautiful patterns and colors. The kitchen towels, tablecloths, and bed and bath linens are also lovely. If you’re in Portland, they carry some napkins and towels at Alder & Co. downtown.

I’ve also found some I like at West Elm, scored some lovely John Robshaw ones on sale online, and am always on the lookout when I travel.

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