Bedroom makeover plus hacking Diptic to create design boards


My bedroom has been long overdue for a makeover. I’ve been staring at shiny sea green walls and using mismatched items since we moved into our house over two years ago– far too long.

My parents came to visit a few weeks ago and found it in their hearts to paint my room while I was at work. They’re pretty amazing like that. So before they arrived, I went to a super helpful local paint store (Powell Paint, for those of you in Portland) and left with an armload of Benjamin Moore swatches. I narrowed it down to a glowy shade of buttercream called White Rock. And picked up some Simply White for the ceiling and trim. It turned out even better than I expected.

I had been waiting until I had a wall color to pull together the rest of the room. With that taken care of, I started using the Diptic collage app on my iPad to create design boards with potential bedding, furniture, lamps, art, etc. I’m pretty sure that’s not it’s original purpose, but it works well. So I thought I’d pass along this Diptic hack.

I save images from websites to my photo roll while browsing and then assemble them into collages to create different options. I like it for two reasons: first, it’s easy to “try-on” different pieces by swapping images in and out of the frames of the collage, and second, by grouping them you get a much better sense of how they will look together in your space. You can also nest your collages into other collages, which comes in pretty handy.

Here’s the before. I’ll be posting some “after” photos once it’s all done!

From collage at top: Duvet is from Pottery Barn, sheets, pillow sham, rug and lamp are from West Elm, mirror and nightstand are from IKEA, and the poppies photo is from ScoutMob.

4 thoughts on “Bedroom makeover plus hacking Diptic to create design boards

    • They really are! I’ve been busy making progress since I posted. Rods and curtains are hung, new duvet on bed, have print to hang on my side of bed (need to get frame!). Will be crossing a few more things off the list this weekend! 🙂

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