Hello fall

I swear there’s someone, somewhere, who flips a switch, and suddenly it’s fall in Portland. Over the last week, we went from sunny and in the 80’s, to alternately sunny and rainy and in the 60’s. And there’s no going back.

I found myself reaching for boots and a cashmere sweater instead of sandals and linen. I spread a down comforter back over the bed. I picked ripe quince from a neighbors tree. And have eaten at least a dozen new crop Honeycrisp apples– some dunked in this ridiculously good paleo salted caramel sauce made from just a few simple ingredients (coconut milk, maple syrup, coconut palm sugar, vanilla, sea salt and your favorite butter/ghee/vegan spread option).

I’ve also been working on a cinnamon streusel coffee cake (free of gluten, dairy, refined sugar and low in grain). I’m fine-tuning the recipe and will post it soon! The piece I shared today (topped with aforementioned salted caramel sauce) got rave reviews from my friend and colleague, Erin. So, I know it’s close.

Happy fall, friends!

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