Leather boots for wet weather


Medina Rain Tall Boot from Sorel

Yesterday, I shared some of my favorite rubber rain boots. Today’s round-up features stylish and waterproof leather boots. Not too long ago, this was the impossible dream. But now, there are more and more options to love. Great news for practical fashionistas everywhere. My top tall and ankle boot picks after the jump.

Four tall boot options, clockwise from the top left:

  • Slouchy suede Valeska from Blondo Canada
  • Cozy sheepskin-lined Belcloud from Ugg Australia
  • Versatile and vintage-y Stratham Heights from Timberland
  • Minimalist patent leather Teneya from Ugg Australia

Four ankle boot options, clockwise from top left:

Happy puddle jumping!

3 thoughts on “Leather boots for wet weather

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