Keep in touch: High and low tech options

Paperless Post Address Collection Cards

HIGH TECH: Paperless Post offers a stylish and efficient way to make sure you have addresses for all of your family and friends. Select an address collection card and send it by email (for free). Your loved ones reply and their addresses are saved to your Paperless Post address book. Now you’re ready to send any of their well-designed holiday greetings, party invites, save the date cards, etc. with a few quick clicks. Despite the name, you can send their cards by email or through the mail.

LOW TECH: Sometimes there’s nothing like putting pencil to paper. And Blackwing writing and drawing pencils are the best– the stuff of pencil legend. Plus, they’re as nice to look at as they are to use. Choose your favorite (Palomino, 602, or Pearl) and then stow them in a chic pencil case. I’m having a hard time choosing between the smartly printed Galsford from Jack Wills and the Pendleton Wool Nevilyn from Sea Echo.

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