Getting set for Thanksgiving

For some, Halloween might kick off the holiday season, but to me it’s all about Thanksgiving. I’ve gathered up a slew of ideas to help get your table set for the holiday.

The affordable and well-designed dylan table has been at the top of my wishlist for quite some time. It’s the perfect balance of modern and rustic; it’s sturdy, yet visually light. Plus, its attractive legs are angled to comfortably accommodate diners all the way to each corner. Six shaker-style salt chairs would be lovely lined up along the sides, set off with plush accent chairs on each end in a bright hue (or grey would be nice, too).

Peacock blue is a lovely and unexpected complement to the traditional Thanksgiving tones of gold, brown, orange and burgundy– it looks great with them all! Glass and gold accents add a little sparkle to each placesetting.


Sleek metal, warm wood, handmade ceramics, and thick-walled glass add texture (and varying heights) to your table.


Dessert is served with a mixture of fancy yet homey touches.

Want more ideas? Check out my Thanksgiving board on Pinterest.

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