Essentials and upgrades for your holiday kitchen


I use my Le Creuset dutch oven all the time. It’s easily one of the most used and most loved pieces of equipment in my kitchen. It heats so evenly, cleans up in a snap, and looks pretty doing it.  For smaller jobs, like making my favorite cranberry sauce, their signature saucepan would be just the thing. 

There’s a certain point in one’s life, when it’s time to move beyond a disposable roasting pan from the supermarket for the Thanksgiving bird. And this ceramic-coated Greenpan roaster and rack may be just the thing to takes its place. It’s the perfect size for a small-to-medium turkey, and for roasting chicken all year long. Pssst… it’s currently almost half off.

Add these brightly colored beauties to your serving spoon arsenal. Because there never seem to be enough.

My old-school analog meat thermometer is on its last legs. So I looked around for just the right upgrade and came across this OXO instant-read digital thermometer. It’s affordable, well-reviewed and offers quite a few handy features. For example, you can leave it in your bird while it cooks and it will alert you when you’re 10 degrees away from a perfectly done main course. It signals again when the optimum temperature has been reached. Bonus: you can select from USDA or chef-recommended temperature guidelines.

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