Spotted: LED edison lights

I was eating out in NE Portland recently, and while the food was good, the lighting made much more of an impression. The row of individual bulbs that hung overhead were like nothing I’d seen before. They looked like a modern take on an edison bulb and were glowy and perfectly suited to their exposed fixtures.

I couldn’t help asking a few questions and taking a few photos.For those of you who might not know, my day job is in energy efficiency consulting. So I have a bit of a thing for beautiful, energy efficient lighting– partially because so much of it has been kind of awful. I was hoping these stunning lights might be LEDs. And it turns out they are! Meet the Pearl Bulb.

I’m already daydreaming about a handful of these in a fixture like the one below for over my dining room table.


Photo courtesy of West Elm

Have you tried LED bulbs in your house? We’ve fully made the switch at mine. I find them to be so much nicer than CFLs. I love the quality and color of the light, that they turn on right away, and can be dimmed. They also last for years and use about one-tenth the energy of a good old incandescent. While they were pretty pricey for a while, you can now find great quality, standard-shaped LED bulbs at places like Home Depot for under $10 each.

4 thoughts on “Spotted: LED edison lights

  1. Thank you for this! I have spent last year looking for good lighting (meaning good light AND attractive). Once again, Modern Hunt to the rescue. Bonnie

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