Pre-shopping breakfast

Lately,  I’ve been craving some balance in this busy, decadent season. So instead of going out for brunch, or making an omelette and/or a mimosa at home, I found myself reaching for some humbler ingredients.

I cooked rolled oats in water with a little bit of butter and sea salt and then stirred in some fresh, whole milk and a little maple syrup once they were soft and thick. I topped my oatmeal with toasted almonds and local hazelnuts, really amazing dried cranberries from Vincent Family Cranberries, and cinnamon-rich baking spice. And then gave it an extra drizzle of milk and maple syrup.

Paired with an earl grey tea latte and a clementine, I found that winter bliss I was looking for. Maybe have a bowl before you head out for your last-minute shopping, ice skating, cookie swapping, Elf marathon watching day? Enjoy!

Maple cranberry sauce with ginger and lemon peel


I love cranberries and have been making homemade cranberry sauce for years. I’ve played with adding lots of different flavors to this sauce’s simple formula and have finally landed on my ideal. It’s sweet and tart with the complimentary flavors of maple, lemon and ginger. They lend the sauce a bit of complexity, but don’t overwhelm it. Continue reading