Spotted: LED edison lights

I was eating out in NE Portland recently, and while the food was good, the lighting made much more of an impression. The row of individual bulbs that hung overhead were like nothing I’d seen before. They looked like a modern take on an edison bulb and were glowy and perfectly suited to their exposed fixtures.

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Spooky style





Picture 1
Twisted branch wreath
Happy Halloween garland
Black branch candles
Skull and black rose appetizer plates
Dia de los muertos decanter
Smoky faceted votive holder

Picture 2
Lace platter

Picture 3
Beverage tub
Carved wood ravens
Sugar skull pillow
Black and gold pentagon votive candles
Porcelain and gold fall figurines
Flock of ravens plate
Spooky tree food toppers
Black cake pedestal
Skull candle

Picture 4
Full moon tee

Happy Halloween!

Show your table some love


A few years back, I was invited to a cocktail brunch by a woman from work. I was still in my twenties and still living in an apartment. In contrast, her bungalow was all kinds of casual elegance, with perfectly chosen pieces that seemed both well-loved and well-used.

One idea I took from her warm, stylish and grown-up home is to use cloth napkins at every meal. She had a big stack of soft napkins in different colors and patterns set out for the party. I’ve been building my own collection ever since. C and I use them daily and when we entertain.

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